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Insane Lightning Roulette Big Win

A UK streamer recently had an insane Lightning Roulette Big Win. With a starting balance of less than £1,000, he managed to spin-it-up to an incredible £25,000.

The streamer was betting circa £25 per number, straight up, and betting on a total of around 15 numbers per round of betting.

The first massive win in the session came after a bet of £30 on number 31, the multiplier had increased the winnings to 350x the bet, therefore paid a jaw dropping £10,500.

Lightning Roulette Big Win
Black 31 hit, with a boost to 350x win, £30 bet returned £10,500

The Lightning Roulette Big Win drama, didn’t stop there, soon after, another incredible win came, with £25 bet on Zero. This time round, the multiplier increased the multiplier to an eye-watering 500x.

lightning roulette big win
Green 0 hit, with a boost to 500x win, £25 bet returned £12,500

This win in turn increased the balance, and the streamer won an incredible £25,000 by the end of the session. This example shows the potential of Lightning Roulette, if you have never played it before then it is an easy game to play and get access to.

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