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Big Wins from Lightning Roulette Live

Big Wins 09-10-2022

Insane Lightning Roulette Big Win

A UK streamer recently had an insane Lightning Roulette Big Win. With a starting balance of less than £1,000, he managed to spin-it-up to an incredible £25,000. The streamer was betting circa £25 per number, straight up, and betting on a total of around 15 numbers per round of betting. The first massive win in […]

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xxxterme lightning roulette
Big Wins 20-09-2022

Massive Lightning Roulette Big Win!

Another Massive Roulette Big Win! 32 Red, the online casino, has updated their website with some massive wins for August 2022 on Lightning Roulette. For the month of August, player ‘J V’ won an eye watering £698,364.90 on XXXTreme Lightning Roulette. It is worth noting that this game produced much larger wins than the next […]

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