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Winning Lightning Roulette Strategy

lightning roulette strategy

This article is here to discuss Lightning Roulette Strategy. With roulette and lightning roulette, both games rely on luck. However, when playing Lightning Roulette, it may be better to change your betting strategy in order to give yourself a better chance of winning big.

I know with myself, when I play roulette, I usually bet inside bets, however, I usually only bet on between five to seven numbers straight up per round of betting. The reason for this is that I don’t want to bet on too many numbers, in which case you would probably be better off placing an outside bet, and I want a bigger payback for hitting. I laugh when I see players covering around 70%+ of the tables straight up numbers, even if the player hits, the payback will be very low in comparison to the size of the bet.

Lightning Roulette Win

A Winning Lightning Roulette Strategy

A winning Lightning Roulette Strategy I find, is to bet on more numbers than traditional roulette, but not too many! I like to bet on eleven to thirteen numbers straight-up on Lightning Roulette. This is because I like to cover more numbers, in order to increase the possibility of getting more lightning boosts, and in turn, more chance of winning up to 500x.

If I used my traditional roulette betting pattern of only betting up to a maximum of 7 numbers, it would be far harder for me to try to both land a winning spin and hit a lightning boost.

This may sound like a very simply strategy, but with traditional roulette I am sacrificing table coverage in order to get a higher winning return, and on lightning roulette, I am sacrificing more bets, knowing, that there may be a possibility of a lightning boost.

It is worth noting that in Lightning roulette, the game only pays 30:1 on the standard straight-up bets, compared to 35:1 on the traditional roulette straight-up bets.

Lightning Roulette Strategy

Lightning Roulette Strategy Conclusion

The odds are always in favour of the house, both roulette and lightning roulette like all other casino games favour the house in the long term. However, lightning roulette has a higher volatility than traditional roulette, due to the lower standard payment, and exceptionally high payouts when you are lucky enough to get a lightning boost and for that number to hit.

Fundamentally, covering some more numbers than you normally would, could yield a greater return, or at least, a greater chance to win big!

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